The Schedule

This is our proposed time and place route. A journey skirting the ‘old silk road’ with many culturally rich diversions


29 July – 3 Aug Almaty – A very Russian city. We will be attending the Voice of Asia Festival but many other traditional musicians abound


3 Aug Fly to Tashkent (2 hours)

3-6 Aug Tashkent Capital City. Destroyed in 1966 by earthquake rebuilt in Russian design. Now a cultural honeypot with many artists in residence

7 Aug Drive to Bukhara (8 hours)
8-10 Aug Bukhara The ‘Holy’ city that celebrates it’s 2500th year in September

11 Aug Drive to Samarkand (4 hours)
12-13 Aug Samarkand Known as the’Pearl of the East’. Also celebrates it’s age being half as old as Bukhara at 1250 years. Sits below the Zerafshan mountain range

14 Aug Drive to Bajsun (4 hours)
15 Aug Bajsun nr the Agfhanistan border this is an ancient town situated in a wild landscape

16 Aug Drive to Hodjent (9 hours)
17 Aug Hodjent – Has deep rooted musical traditions and was a rebel base in a recent civil war

18 Aug Drive to Fergana (2 hours)
19-20 Aug Fergana Valley – The ‘pulse’ of Uzbekistan. Its people reflecting strong Islamic faith and opinion


21 Aug Drive to Osh (1 hour)
22 Aug Osh – ancient town with history dating back to at least the 5th cent BC with a diverse mix of people. It’s the main base for trecking in the Pamir mountain range.

23 Aug Drive to Bishkek (8 hours) – Over two spectacular 3000m passes, around immense Toktugul reservoir
24-25 Aug Bishkek – relaxed and beautiful place; originally called ‘place below the mountain’, it is well located with 4800m Alatau range looming over it. Main base for Tien Shan mountains and Lake Issyk Kul.

26-27 Aug Lake Issyk-Kul – said to be the world’s second largest Alpine lake at folded between the Kungey and Terskey Alatau mountain ranges both rising to over 4000m. Most of the population is along the North shore.


28 Aug Drive to Almaty (8 hours)
29 Aug Almaty

30 Aug – 3 Sept Zailiysky Alatau mountains – beautiful mountains with many peaks over 4000m, with glaciers and wild rivers. The valleys are used as summer pastures and herders set up yurt camps.

4 Sept Almaty
5 Sept Flight to London

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