Project Credits

The Musical Nomad devised and produced by Gary Hayes
for BBC Broadcast

The location team
Musical Nomad Jan Hendrickse
Audio and video Paul Balmer
Internet, digital stills, video Gary Hayes
Communication, organisation & Photography Kathrin BrĂ¼nnert

The BBC Interactive R&D team
Technical Coordinator Marc Walker
Designers Gavin Cooper, Neil Wardrop
Site Construction Gary Hayes
Music Adviser Dr Razia Sultanova
Internet Advisor Chris Garcia
Location Assistant Judy Caine (Music on Earth)
Marketing & Business Steve Donnelly
Executive Producers Danielle Eubank, Martin Freeth

For the accompanying BBC World Service Broadcast
Head of Department Behrouz Afagh-Tabrizi
Editor Yuri Goligorsky
WS Operations Tony Branfield
Kyrgyzstan Producer Gulnara Kasmambetova
Kazakstan Producer Rose Kudabaeva
Uzbekistan Producer Hamid Ismilov

Site Photography Kathrin BrĂ¼nnert

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