(site still in reconstruction: audio, video, 360 views etc to be added)

Welcome to the ‘reconstructed’ Musical Nomad.

This was a project conceived and produced by Gary Hayes back in 1996/7 when he was a Senior Development Producer at the BBC New Media.

The groundbreaking, award winning project involved a team of 4 creatives touring through remote regions of Central Asia for 40 days, meeting musicians, shaman, celebrities & officials capturing a unique live snapshot of a diminishing heritage. They had a portable satellite and uploaded stories and listened to comments & emails throughout the day. The audio and video also went out on radio & TV, some stories made local (Central Asian) and global press but most importantly daily contact via email with a global audience partly dictated the journey and who the team would meet next. Some more background links to the project are below & in the navigation above – but follow each day as it happened (unedited) by clicking on the links in the ‘Live Daily Journal’ column. Emails & comments will be linked back in later.

Finally remember this was done using crude digital stills cameras, a petrol generator and satellite (yes we were uploading from mountainsides at 3am) and the writing was by 3 of the team daily – roughly a third each by Jan, Gary & Paul as one person! – so there is an odd melding of styles! It has been recreated as a traditional chronological blog vs a crude flash site, to reflect Gary’s original intention. Enjoy

Behind the Scenes – long edit (bg music Afro Celt Sound System)

Original introduction

Welcome to the Musical Nomad OnLine Expedition. This a journey by Jan Hendrickse (flute player), Gary Hayes (Interactive Producer & photographer), Paul Balmer (AV producer) & Katrin Brunnert (organiser, photographer & translator) traveling from Bukhara in Uzbekistan to the Altai Mountains in Kazakstan in the former socialists states of Central Asia

Experience our daily Episodes complete with great photos & audio excerpts as we meet many wonderful people and musicians. We will try to give a real sense of the landscape & culture of this stimulating region

Send us an Email. Ask me questions, suggest things I may do the next day or simply give me support.

Click on About Central Asia and get background on the region plus video and QTVR panoramas or go to the Central Asian Music and get detail about the musical instruments, the styles of the countries and construct your own music using our mixer & simulated instruments

Finally you may want to find out about the Journey Info, the people who are making it happen in the field and the teams back at base keeping things running smoothly

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