Day 39 – Home again


This journey has resulted from a team effort. The technical back-up we have received from ‘civilised’ UK has been second to none and we would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people (I am sure we missed a few).

Technical Thanks

For the BBC Multimedia Centre

Marc Walker has been an angel. Working well beyond sensible hours he finally got us connected and made himself ill in the process!

Neil, Charlotte, Victoria, Judy (Music on Earth) and of course Danielle have provided much needed support, battling against the odds

In the early days Steve, Laura and Martin helped get things off the ground


For LiveWire

When the going got tough and we struggled for a link with the outside world the LiveWire team worked especially hard to make thing happen

Special thanks to Tristan for the late nights calls and

Howard for personally delivering a working system after a 18 hour journey (See Day 13)

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