Planned Musicians

Shawqat Mizzaev (right) and Munayet Yultchieva

Munajat Yultchieva – the unique quality of her voice and her natural charisma made her the most famous traditional singer In Uzbekistan and have captivated audiences all over the world. Her singing is highly ornate and refined. Munajat performs traditional Uzbek with her own pinch of originality and is always accompanied by her master, the famous rubab player, Shawqat Mizzaev.

Abduzakim Hamidov – greatest dutar master player in Uzbekistan and hafiz singer – with ‘a voice that reaches upward toward the sky’, is able to sustain incredibly high pitches. He has performed with all great Uzbek musicians and was a renowned conductor of the tradional folk orchestra at Tashkent conservatory.

    Abduzakim Hamidov

Chor Bakshy Hudjanberdyev – the ‘only true Nomad’ in Uzbekistan, 70 years old epic singer. Unlike the hafiz the bakshy’s voice ‘reaches toward the earth spirits of the earlier Shamanistic times’ (original meaning of Baskshy is Shaman). Bakshy performs with an ‘inner voice’ and expresses his emotions with the melody performed on his dombra.

Bajsun Ensemble – the 25 members include all generations and perform ‘ethnographical’ traditional music. They perform different genres – from pre-Islamic ritual songs and dance to contemporary art music in their very unique and dramatic style. Tucked away in the wild landscape of the Zerafshan mountains near the Afghan border traditions have been preserved and are being revived.

    Kurmangazi Azykbaev

Pattahon Mamadaliev – Traditional toy (wedding) singer with a poetic voice and top tar player. Only known musicians with ‘portable’ (fold-up) tar. Professor at Tashkent conservatory.

Kurmangazi Azykbaev – plays rock to traditional; 22 instruments including Kyrgyz national instrument komuz. Most famous Kyrgyz musician from Bishkek.

    Malika Ziaeva

Malika Ziaeva – Top female Dutar player in Uzbekistan – with her (all female) ensemble – 5 dutar players, singer and dancer. Historically, the dutar was the only instrument that women were allowed to play.

Yulduz Usmanova – With her mesmerizing voice, Yulduz successfully mixes traditional Uzbek songs with electrifying Euro-pop. She is often accompanied by amplified traditional instruments like the tanbur and doira.

Aaparbek Kosmambetov – ‘Manaschy’ epic singer and dombra player, Kyrgyz, lives at wild & beautiful lake Issyk Kul.

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